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New Beginnings

Well, haven't posted much anywhere, so thought I would give my friends an update.

Have been at the new job for about 4 weeks now. I really love it, and having another colleague who is also a dragon lover (and who I have known a long damn time, yah? ;) just makes it that much cooler. Now the folks at work have two of us strange ones to contend with. :)

Moved from Pacifica Beach to South San Francisco (who knew it would be even foggier there!?!), so the commute is about half an hour shorter.

I've tapped out my library on audio books (a life saver when you have an hour commute to and from work), so have suddenly discovered classical music as a weird alternative. It's...strange, but my commute seems to be much more stress-free - and now I'm wondering about the stress levels of rap vs dub-step vs trance vs rock. Interesting to ponder...

Not much else going on in my life...pretty much family and work, same ole same ole. :)

If I had more free time, I might actually try to hook up with my friends - but unfortunately, I don't. So know that I love and miss you all.


Beach Combing in Pacifica, CA

While I am not really happy to have a 2 hour commute to work every day (1 hr there and 1 hr back), I must say that being close to my oldest daughter and my grandson, AND being able to walk along the beach is definitely worth it.

I finally braved Hwy1 and managed to cross the deadly road to have a short 2 mile walk along the beach. It's only 2 blocks from our house, and this morning was really gorgeous.

I took some pics here:




Pictures from the Scotland trip

If anyone is interested, here are the pics from my Scotland trip:


Had an absolutely wonderful time. I'm hopelessly in love with the country. Especially the Highlands. There was something magical about the air, the silence, the way the very earth seemed to breathe.

The people were very nice too. ;>

Thank god that's over....

After 3 years, thirteen thousand dollars and one damaged heart, my divorce is finally over.

In the words of Brandon from the Incubus song "Leech":

The ride's over! Did you enjoy yourself?
The ride's over! Fare thee well!
The ride's over! Did you enjoy yourself?
The ride's over! Fare thee well!
Not on my time.

And no, I'm not really bitter - just relieved. ;)


In about an hour and a half I take off for Scotland with my sister and daughter. :)


Happy Birthday Arcaton and Aeto!

Arcaton is today (25) and Aeto is Sunday (27).

*hugs and well wishes* :)

Majestic Redwoods

I have to admit I am in awe of redwood trees. They look prehistoric. ;)

Went camping this weekend. Such beauty...

My daughter came in all excited the other night, exclaiming over the dragon hedge that was in our back yard. She insists that this dragon is protecting our house. Ah, I love corrupting the youth of America. :)

Here is what she saw:

Dragon Hedge

Resolutions? You can has them...

In 2012, quelonzia resolves to...
Drink four glasses of afd every day.
Pay for my cats on time.
Admit my true feelings to duncanroo.
Start a life fund.
Spend less time on people.
Go to the oceans every month.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

Let's see...afd, check;
cats? hrmmm...don't have any (daughter is allergic)
*snickers* Duncan? I love you (as a friend)! ;)
Life fund? Is that like extra money? What's that? ;>
Oh yeshhhh...we should definitely go to the oceans more. :)

Just beautiful

Stepped outside from work last night, and was suddenly awash in this golden rose colored light - so had to take a picture of what was causing it: